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We are so pleased to be the only medical travel agent to partner with a very special company in Bangkok who are one of a kind to say the least, offering highly complex DNA genetic testings for cancers and heart disease before they a patients is even diagnosed with cancer which in turn then being able to treat and make preventative management to stop cancers from developing in the future, this amazing doctor offers cell testing for anyone who would like to know more about their own genes and if skeptical to developing cancers, you truly will be amazed upon testing which by the way is 99.9% accurate

Dental Tourism we have a number of locations throughout Thailand for dental treatments which of course overall saving you close to 70% on procedures

For those looking at plastic or cosmetic surgery in Bangkok we are partnered with Bangkok’s finest plastic reconstructive surgeons, our surgeons offer a free comprehensive surgical review and also surgical guarantee’s on all procedures, so matter if your looking for a facial expert or body surgeon specialist we have taken all the hard work out of finding the best, only dealing with the best!

Gender Change in Thailand is another specialty we can provide, we have surgeons in both Bangkok and also Phuket depending on your preferred destination, please keep in mind that our surgeons are Thailand’s most sort after sex reassignment surgeons who have strict guidelines prior to surgery, some of which include hormones been taken for at least 1 year prior to undertaking some surgery, a letter from your treating doctor in your home country and also strict length of stay post operative to ensure you are healing well. Don’t be fooled by the lower costings surgeons in Thailand if your considering gender change in Thailand, these options really don’t work out well we have seen first hand the serious complications which can occur, if your considering this surgery ensure to only use the best who offer surgery guarantee’s, you only get one shot and making your gender change surgery right in Thailand!

Here at Think Medical Travel we can also provide you affordable yet comfortable accommodation options for your medical travel, we have handpicked a number of resorts or hotel within Thailand who offer us exceptional rates for anyone traveling for medical reasons, we just pass on all the savings to you! However your also most welcome to locate your own preferred accommodation but please do check with your medical travel consultant as some surgeons or hospital will not provide free transport to certain areas and also some air b and b accommodation choices

Thailand has been known for many years for being in the top 3 destinations for medical travel, it has among the highest amount of accredited facilities in Asia and with out a doubt some one the most friendliest locals anywhere in the world! Our consultants work closely with your surgeons to understand your goals and aims, just let us know what procedure you wanting or needing to undertake and let us do the rest!

We are lucky enough to have medical professionals all throughout Thailand, from Thailand’s capital Bangkok, to Phuket and quaint island Koh Samui

Our main focus initially for those traveling for plastic or cosmetic surgery, until we then realized we needed to fill that gap for patients wanting other options which are so far out of reach in price at home, so we decided to branch out into other areas to ensure our patients have access to some of the other finer specializes available without having to break the bank

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