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Hair & Beard Transplant Turkey & Thailand

Do you have a history of family baldness? You may be a suitable candidate for hair transplant, our specialist’s perform 3 techniques

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)

FUE is a method of extracting or harvesting donor hair for transplantation in a follicular unit hair transplant. In an FUE procedure, an instrument is used to make a small, circular incision in the skin around the follicular unit, separating it from the surrounding tissue. The unit is then extracted (pulled) directly from the scalp, leaving a small open hole

FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation

Is a procedure where hair is transplanted from the permanent zone, the area in the back and sides of the scalp where hair is more resistant to balding, to the bald or balding areas of the scalp. This is accomplished using naturally-occurring groups of 1,2,3 or 4 hairs, called follicular hairs

Robotic Hair Transplantation

Hair Transplant Turkey or Thailand

How Long are I required to stay for a Hair Transplant?

Depending on your destination Turkey or Thailand length of stay can vary, If your are considering Hair Transplant in Turkey you may only need to stay for 3 days, should you travel to Thailand you will need to stay for around 7-10 days, this would be advised and confirmed upon your free assessment

Do I stay in Hospital?

Hair transplant is performed under local, you will not be required to stay overnight in hospital you can return to your accommodation after your procedure

Guidelines and Instructions for hair transplant patients

Before the Transplant

1: Blood test is sometimes required for HIV, it can be done at the hospital or clinic on the day of procedure

2: Do not take Aspirin, vitamin, herbs, non steroidal anti inflammatory agents for 7-10 days before procedure

3: Avoid alcoholic beverages for 2 days before the surgery

4: No haircut is advised before the hair transplant, leave the hair long to provide better coverage

The Hair Transplant Day

1: Please wear loose-fitting, buttoned clothing or shirt as you will not want to pull anything over your head

2: Before the operation, have a light breakfast with no tea or coffee

3: Please ensure to advise your surgeon of any drug allergy

4: Please arrive at hospital or clinic at specific time you have been provided

5: If you are driving to your appointment please have someone else drive after procedure due to the relaxing medication that you will receive

6: Please notify surgeon if you have been sick or had a fever prior to treatment

Leader in medical travel  for Hair Transplant Procedures

Firstly we require an initial set of photos of the area to be treated, front profile, side profiles, from above and also behind once we have all photos we will have surgeons review and provide you an accurate quote and price… 

The next step is to provide us a preferred travel date so we can ensure our surgeons have availability upon confirmation we will then require you to pay your deposit and provide travel information (flights + Hotel if required)…

Once we have received your deposit and all details for your booking we will provide all confirmation paperwork for your trip 

Another happy patient!

Cost for Hair transplant in Turkey & Thailand are quite different, for the most cost effective option Turkey it starts at 1450 Euro, for your free comprehensive review please contact us


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