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Direct communication with an end client is what’s at the heart of good medical travel consulting and planning. Our medical travel advisors will work closely with your doctors to understand your goals and aims to ensure you are well informed prior to even traveling to Turkey.

Clients hire us to compose a suitable medical travel plan for them, Our medical travel planning process is quick, thorough, and very in depth, it doesn’t matter how complex your medical is we are sure to assist.

We will consult with you and help you find your perfect medical travel option. On top of that, we will assist you in identifying your most affordable option, fine-tuning your medical needs to ensure its perfect for you. We offer an uninfluenced analysis, so your final medical travel plan will be as perfect as it needs to be!

Istanbul Turkey is very quickly becoming one of the top destinations for medical tourism, and with exceptional doctors within their fields and accredited hospital its easy to see why. Here at Think Medical Travel we have taken all the stress out of finding the perfect providers, handpicking only Turkey’s finest medical teams, our focus to ensure that anyone traveling for medical reasons no matter small or large is able to obtain the very best at probably our most affordable options!

Some of our expertise we can offer include:
Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery, Reproductive Medicine, Bariatric Surgery, Hair Transplant and Dentistry, all our trusted providers provide a free comprehensive review providing you all the information you need to help make an informed decision

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We have staff on the ground in Istanbul to help you along the way if needed so there’s no need to feel like your alone in another country for your medical procedures, we can assist you at any time and also be there during your consults for some extra support. If its affordability your after, then don’t look past Istanbul Turkey for your medical travel needs, this is by far the most affordable option abroad and leaders within the medical tourism industry for excellence


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