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With so many medical travel options available now how do you know whats right for you? Well firstly you need to ask some crutial questions…know your surgeons creditionals are they a plastic surgeon? or a general surgeon? will you be undertaking your life changing surgery in accrediated hospitals? or is it a un regulated clinic?

All of our plastic surgeons only peform surgery in JCI accredited hospitals, this is crutial unfortunately some who travel only see the price as the reason for there choice of who to have there procedure with, but this is where things can go wrong! we have all heard horror stories from people who have travelled abroad for surgery only to end up in intensive care or at worst passing away from malpractice or super bugs or infections is this something you are prepared to deal with not attending accredited facilities? I think not! be sure you ask your medical travel consultant these questions if they cannot provide to you then maybe they are just not right for you, ask to see before and after photos and if you can speak with past or present clients

All our partnered surgeons have been selected for different reasons not one Plastic Surgeon fits all so to speak, you wouldn’t go to a surgeon to have your breast surgery if that surgeon specialises in facial procedures would you? Or undertake a Brazilian butt lift with someone who focuses on hair transplants? Unfortunately this does happen!

We will advise you from our first point of contact who would be the most suited for your needs and requirements, providing you two options so you can do your own research, its all about being transparent


Be sure that no matter how straightforward or multi-layered your plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery is, we will figure it out. We’ll spend the time and effort necessary to make your medical travel plan a major plan towards your future success. Unlike many of our competitors, we will gladly go through multiple options for developing your plastic surgery travel. We understand that the first option may not always suit which is why we always provide you a number of options. We usually compile a detailed list of multiple options for your choice. We are medical travel advisors, not just “ghost writers”. If your medical travel plan is to get the very finest medical travel options, that’s exactly what we provide, we’ll evaluate your circumstances and requirements and with our experience we will ensure you are well informed long before you meet with your doctor or surgeon. The medical travel consultants we provide are there to make your medical holiday as stress free as possible, All while being just as dedicated to your medical travel success.

Medical Travel FAQ

the most popular questions

Q: How safe is travelling for medical procedures? and what sort of guarantees do you offer


A: More people travel for medical tourism now than ever before, why you ask? do to high costs of procedures it can be so far out of reach for some to obtain affordable top quality medical also becuase of the excellent options available, All our surgeons and hospitals offer surgical guarantees on procedures which safe guards the patients in case a complication occurs, not all hospital or surgeons offer this so be sure you have the finest professionals when researching your medical travel options


Q: Do you offer support people to assist after my medical procedure?


A: Of course, we offer packages you can choose if you would like some extra support such as daily nurse visits or an escorted medical consultant to be there throughout your trip, just let us know what your wanting and we’re sure to be able to accomodate your needs

Q: Do I need to use your preferred hotel or accommodation?


A: No, your most welcome to use your own hotel or accommodation of choice, our options are just to take that extra stress out of your medical travel, we also have stayed there ourself and ensure it would be suitable for your medical recovery


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