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Whether you’re looking for a Brazilian butt lift, reproductive medicine, hair transplant or bariatric surgery, we’re ready to provide that for you. We have a proven expertise in any process, with full international accredited facilities we can provide you the very finest in medical travel options …

Medical & Surgery Guarantee's

We clearly understand that travelling abroad for medical purposes can be daunting, That’s why we reject all high-risk endeavours, that may lead to a complications or unfavourable results..all our medical partners offer surgical or medical guarantee’s to ensure you that travelling for surgery or medical is safe and in top notch international hospitals, we never skimp on quality, your results are our No 1 priority

Fast & Efficient

Due diligence is one thing. But we’re trying to deliver the most fast paced medical assessments diligence in the industry.While consulting with us, your enquiry will never get stuck in the middle of the road with no spare tires in the back…

Medical Consultant Management

Medical Travel Options We Offer

Medical Travel in Turkey

Medical Travel in Turkey

Medical Options in Turkey, Plastic Surgery, Bariatric Surgery, Gastric Sleeve, Reproductive Medicine, Hair Transplants, Turkey is our most affordable destination for medical travel

Medical Travel in Thailand

Medical Travel in Thailand

Medical Travel in Thailand is one of our most popular destinations let our medical travel specialists assist you with our plastic surgery options in Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya or Koh Samui, Genetic Cancer testing Bangkok, Rehabiliation for addictions and mental health, Hair transplant treatments, Stem Cell Therapy, or Non Invasive Non Surgical Procedures…

Medical Travel in India

Medical Travel in India

Medical Travel in India is fast becoming a hotspot for our clients, its affordable and world class doctors and facilities make it the perfect destination for anyone traveling for medical purposes

Plastic Surgery

Plastic / Cosmetic Surgery

Travelling for plastic surgery can be daunting, We can help you to plan it all out, our highly skilled team of Plastic reconstructive surgeons are dedicated to ensuring your dreams and desires are adhered to, we have surgeons whom specialize in all areas of plastic surgery, so if its a Brazilian butt lift, facelift or even a mummy makeover your wanting lets us take the pressure out of finding that perfect surgeons for you at prices you can afford

Dental Travel

Dental Travel

With rising costs of dental worldwide theres no wonder why so may of us are travelling abroad for dental treatments, we have a number of fully accredited dental clinics in Thailand, Vietnam, Manila, and Turkey specialising in dental makeovers at a fraction of your cost back home

Affordable Payment plans

Affordable Payment Plans

Yes affordable medical payment plans! depending on your location we can provide you affordable payment plans for you to undertake your medical holiday now and back it back later! like some more details? contact us today to see just how we can assist

Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant

So many men and women are now travelling for hair transplant procedures, we have specialists in both Turkey & Thailand with Turkey being our most affordable option, contact us today for your free consultation

Bariatric Surgery Turkey

Bariatric Surgery / Gastric Sleeve

Weight loss surgery or otherwise known as Bariatric surgery, gastric sleeve has many health benefits and fast becoming a number one solution to help those to lose the weight, we have a number of specialists in Turkey

Addiction Treatment Thailand

Addiction Treatment Thailand

Some of the treatments available include
Drug and alcohol addiction, Trauma and PTSD, Gambling, Internet, Stress, Depression, Anxiety, Sleep & eating disorders and mental health.


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Mrs Bon Von

The team at Think Medical Travel are fabulous, my consultant not only providing me extensive information to help me make my decision but also was available at anytime of the day while I was away, I am so happy I was referred to them and will be a returning patient in future, thanks Think Medical Travel!

Mr B Green

I travelled with Think Medical Travel for hair transplant and also dental, at first I wasn’t sure about travelling for medical purposes but then once I found out the costs back home I knew I had no other option, Think Medical Travel where precise, efficient and very helpful, I am now 6 months from my procedures and extremely happy with my dental and most importantly my hair transplant even though I know it will still take a couple of months for sull results. Thanks for everything Think Medical Travel I will be recommending you to my family and friends

think medical travel surgical review

Miss X

I consulted a number of medical tourism agents however they are seemed so money hungry and I seemed like just another number, I came across Think Medical Travel online and decieded to contact them, I am so pleased I did, not only were they informative and supportive they also arranged everything including my travel, I was also provided a support nurse after leaving the hospital each day for extra support even though I really didnt even need I am so thrilled with my breast surgery its more than I ever hoped, I hghly recommend Think Medical Travel to anyone thinking about travelling for surgery

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